Treating Hearing Loss Can Support Your Physical Ability & Well-Being

Do you suspect you have hearing loss? On average most people wait seven years to a decade before treating a hearing loss and during this time serious patterns can develop which can be detrimental for your longevity and health. Hearing loss in 90 percent of cases is an irreversible condition but that doesn’t mean it’s not treatable. Hearing aids are the most recommended way to address most forms of hearing loss—programmed based on your latest hearing exam to amplify the sounds you struggle with making it easier to connect to the people in your life and your surrounding world. While people generally accept the concept of hearing aids as communication devices, they are often surprised to discover just how powerful they can be for enhancing your physical ability, well-being, and overall quality of life.

An Improved Attitude

Hearing loss is a communication issue making it a challenge to connect to the people across our lives from home to work. Humans are social creatures who in most cases not only have a need to communicate but to be understood and feel connection. Hearing loss when unaddressed can inhibit this process in a detrimental way. When we feel misunderstood, or struggle to communicate it often contributes to chronic depression, exhaustion, social isolation.

In this way addressing hearing loss is said to directly affect your mood. When you feel understood and don’t have to struggle to connect, the feeling of being drained from social situations will gradually subside. In its place is connection with people you may have previously struggled to hear. It’s amazing just how much of an impact understanding through hearing can make on your attitude and mood. People will most likely notice and welcome the change, as your connection starts to become stronger again and relationships begin to heal.

Your Drive

Connection doesn’t just happen at home and in your personal life. Communication skills are essential to success in a working environment, even in vocational careers. Safety and communication go hand in hand as when you are able to hear the world around you, you can respond quicker to alarms and warnings, keeping you and co-workers safer. We live in a society where communication is not only nourishing for our souls, but is a commodity which allows us to excel at work. Better hearing translates directly into economic gain and

An Impact on your Social Life

When hearing loss starts to develop communication, issues start subtly. It may be difficult to hear parts of words during conversations, causing the brain to strain to fill in the blanks. Over time the fatigue that this causes the brain can lead many to start to withdraw from social engagements and even one on one social interactions. Social isolation not only feeds depression but causes underestimation in the brain- a dangerous risk towards cognitive decline and increasing the risk of dementia. When you start treating your hearing loss with hearing aids, the change will be remarkable and how you can start to reconnect to your community will feel like a revelation.

Your Exercise

The jump between hearing and communication is easy for most to comprehend, but it often surprises people how much more active they feel when they finally treat their hearing loss. This is because our hearing not only connects us to others but the world around us. When we can hear clearly, we are ready for anything that comes our way and we’ll most likely hear it before we see it. This can add to confidence in the world, meaning we are likely to try new things and go to more places, stimulating not only our bodies but our minds. Join the gym! Take up biking or jogging! Start that hobby or join that group you’ve always wanted to. If you can dream it you can be it and now that you can hear it’s time to take advantage of your new awareness of the world!

Addressing Hearing Loss

If you’ve long suspected you’ve had a hearing loss but just have been putting off treatment, it’s time for a new chapter of your life. Find out what you’ve been missing. Schedule an appointment for a hearing exam with us today!